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Hello Garage of Napa Valley Q&A

Can I get a ballpark price of what this is going to cost before I schedule an estimate?

Everyone’s space is a little bit different. Our goal is to give you an accurate review of your project so that we can leave you with a written proposal and the exact price that will provide you with the specific outcome you want. To do this, we need to do a thorough on-site inspection and analysis first.

Costs will depend on things like the size of your garage space, moisture levels around the garage, if we’ll be doing stem wall and stairs. We offer free, in-home consultations where you will receive a price that day that is custom to your space.

Do you do epoxy?

We actually use a product called polyaspartic. It is a more durable floor coating that has been used in commercial spaces for years, it can withstand all of the wear and tear of every day use of your garage. 

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the home improvement industry since 1975 but just started our garage division in 2019 after two years of testing and training. We are backed by more than 45 years of experience.

What would it cost for me to do something like this?

Our solutions are customized for every customer. Depending on what you’d like to accomplish, the cost can vary. I do know that we are extremely cost-competitive and offer a price assurance guarantee. We also have financing options.

Is this product available for outdoor patios, decks and basement floors?

Yes, go ahead and schedule the appointment.

What type of products do you use?

Polyaspartic is a class of coating that was formulated for use on concrete floors (there are others like epoxies and polyureas that are not as good and your Garage Guru can explain that at the appointment). Here is the technical info...Polyaspartic coatings are a unique type of polyurea that was developed in the 1990s. The technical term is “polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea.” Used in commercial applications for 30 years, we’re bringing the durable technology to homes.

How do you prep for the project?

Floor prep is the longest part of the process using a high-powered industrial grinder and a crack and joint repair process. Our product is put down in three layers - starting with a base polyaspartic floor coating, then a significant amount of vinyl chip is applied till rejection to provide full coverage. This is followed by a top coat of polyaspartic. Our unique formula is the only technology that provides granite like look and durability in a one-day application. We would love to visit with you at your home for a free estimate and explain the product and process further.

Our garage concrete floor has cracks. Can Hello Garage go over it or does a new floor need to be poured??

Book an appointment. Makes sense for sales to go ahead and take a look. Sales would be able to help figure out why the floor cracked and whether we'd need to refer them out for poly before coating it. We’ll definitely want to get a measurement on the crack size/width but we haven't yet run across a crack we could fill with our crack repair formula.

How long does the initial appointment take?

Generally, between 1 and 1.5 hours. We want to make sure all of your questions get answered/your concerns are heard. We also want to leave you with a proposal that day so you don’t have to wait. Every appointment we have is really a consultation, so it just takes a little time.

He or she will put together a proposal that will set out in clear language all the options available and exactly what it costs. We don’t do smoke- and-mirrors or fuzzy pricing at Hello Garage. In fact, if we were any more transparent, we’d have called ourselves Hello Windows.

Will I receive a proposal at the end of my appointment?

Yes. The three most important things you’ll know at the end of your appointment are:

  • How we can help you achieve your dream garage.

  • What it will cost.

  • When it can happen.

Does the appointment cost anything?

No, it’s free and there’s no obligation.

Do you use high-pressure tactics? Are you going to pressure me into buying?

No, our sales appointments are really more consultations than sales pitches. We take the time necessary to inspect, educate and really to consult with you about what your goals are for your garage. Our reps never pressure you into buying anything.

What do you say about the competition?

We welcome competition because we think it makes everyone better. Frankly, we don’t focus on our competition. We know we use the highest quality products and our focus is on providing remarkable experiences for our customers. 

Who will you send to my home?

We’ll send one of our highly trained Garage Gurus. They’ve all spent time on jobs to actually install the products, so they can really understand them and recommend what is best to achieve your dream garage. You will also receive a confirmation email from us confirming the date and time of your appointment along with the name, bio and photo of who will be your Garage Guru.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do, through a reputable bank. When the Garage Guru comes to your home, he/she can explain financing options to you and answer your questions. It just takes minutes to get approved.

Last time I had work done, the workers were awful! Left my house a mess...how can I know that won't happen again?

I completely understand. This is just too common in our industry, but our purpose is to redefine the contractor industry— dedicated to changing that for homeowners—we’re really known for that! First, our installers are ALL our employees—we don’t use temps. That means we take the time to make sure they’re well trained. That includes technical training, so they’re highly qualified, but also training on important things, like not leaving a mess for you! These are the ONLY kind of people we would ever send to your home.

How do I clean my floor?

It is very easy to clean, you can hose it off or squeegee it right off. Never use harsh chemicals to clean it, we recommend Simple Green. Don't worry though - we leave you an information sheet with all the information you need to maintain your floor after we are done.

What Does A Hello Garage Flooring System Look Like?

A surface coated with Hello Garage flooring will have an appearance and durability similar to that of polished granite. It is currently available in eight popular color combinations to allow homeowners to pick an option that fits the look of their home. Our system includes full broadcast flake distribution, which means the entire base coat surface will be covered in the decorative flake, before being sealed in with the clear top coat.

What Is The Hello Garage Storage System?

The Hello Garage Storage System uses a small number of components to create various solutions to help customers organize and store items in their garages. The main components are steel uprights and upright spanners that form a frame that sits on the floor and secures into the wall, and steel shelves that can be used just as shelves, as a bench or as the framework for cabinets. The four main systems we offer Hello Garage customers are: HG Shelving (which includes 3 shelves), HG Cabinets, HG Workbench, and the HG Drop Zone. Each solution is sold in 4ft increments and all solutions can be mixed and matched to meet the customer’s needs, space, and budget.

What's The Difference Between The Hello Garage System And Other Garage Floor Coatings?

The garage floor coatings market is crowded with DIY options and contractors doing professional    

installations of epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic materials. 

Hello Garage:
1. Superior durability, with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impact, and hot tire peel.
2. Best guarantee against delamination (cracking and peeling).
3. Because of the nature of this product and where it is typically installed (inside garage floors), it can be installed in a wide range of weather and temperature conditions, including below-freezing outside temperatures. (Special formulation offered for extreme temperature installations.)
4. A more intense surface preparation process facilitates stronger bonding between the concrete surface and the coating.
5. It is the only option that can be installed in 1 day due to a faster dry time, and homeowners can fully use their garage 24 hours after installation.

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